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Cyclical and Planned Maintenance

In addition to our reactive repairs service we implement and cyclical and planned maintenance programme.

Cyclical maintenance is defined as work that requires to be carried out on an agreed cycle and can be annually or every number of years. Gas servicing is annually while close window and fence painting can be every 5 or 6 years. Other work includes Electrical safety checks (every 5 years), common light bulb renewal and drainage checks.

Major Repairs are by definition fairly substantial works carried out over a longer time frame. These include work such as upgrading to door entry systems, stone repairs where necessary, work to the common fabric such as gutters and downpipes renewal, electrical upgrading, smoke detector renewal and renewal of common stair windows.


One of the necessary requirements in maintaining your home is our requirement to obtain access for electrical or gas safety checks as well as planned maintenance work. On occasion we may also require access to your home for common repairs e.g. a water leak from above or from your home that affects others.